CHS Students Care About Global Human Rights


On April 7th Cleveland Charter hosted a very special event that brought Media Academy, AOAT, Be The Conscious Change Club, Taking Action Club, and the TIME Club together. Birgitta Olsson, one of the founding members of the International Youth Media Summit, presented “Self Images & Human Rights – Creative Force Collaborations”.  This dynamic activist from Sweden is a leader in facilitating workshops around the world where teams of students from diverse cultures produce short films together to express their desires for a better world.

Birgitta welcomed students from these diverse Cleveland High School groups to learn more and get involved. Next a panel of AOAT students presented about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, then the other club representatives talked about projects for students to participate in to help improve the world.

After these presentations, students broke up into smaller groups to discuss ten specific issues, from poverty and the environment to violence and discrimination, as well as youth empowerment, education and rights for the under represented. Student facilitators led these brainstorm sessions, then each student created a message card with images or words to express their ideas about how to implement change. Finally the participants took their cards to the quad and fastened them to a line to share with other students.

The Cleveland “Global Summit” was organized by Evelyn Seubert of Media Academy, and Gabriela Rosillo and Laura Neustaedter of the Academy of Art and Technology. It was an inspiring occasion and students took away a new understanding of how they as individuals can effect change.


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