Designs for Healthy Eating


Seniors finish off the year with a flourish – the 10-week Nutrition Unit culminates with their packaging designs judged by AOAT Partner Todd Gallopo of Meat and Potatoes Design. Our students work either solo or with a partner to create a new food item and package it to appeal to teens to mid-twenties consumers. Their efforts pictured above are colorful, imaginative, and often humorous – the better to attract young people in the target demographic! Todd checks out all the entries carefully, then gives his crtram.pkg4blogitique and picks winners in 5 categories.

Todd also visited our classes at the launch of packaging project to share his experiences as a designer, and to give tips on important elements in successful marketing through graphics. We thank him for his generous participation in this rigorous annual assignment.

The Nutrition Unit starts with informative documentaries – Fed Up, Forks Over Knives, and Food Inc. – which open up a dialog about what is good nutrition. Students then keep a food log for 5 days, and we read Food Rules by Michael Pollan aloud in class. Some students and teachers try the “No Sugar Challenge” to see if they can go without a week or more! Students next compete in a “Healthy Potluck” for best dish that follows the “Rules”, a favorite event for teachers as well as students.

By the completion of this unit, students know how to read nutritional labels, check ingredients, and what elements are required for all food packaging – real world knowledge about healthy eating as well as experience in design that serves them well as they take charge of their own diets as young adults.


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