Museum of Contemporary Art Embraces Art Educators!


MOCA hosted a lovely rooftop professional development for art educators this week, with engaging presentations on the Expanded Classroom:

  • The Daily Mural Project, presented by Emily Goff, Art Teacher, Daily High School (Glendale Unified) and Roger Dolin, Director and Muralist, Mural Environments, Inc.
  • Community Arts Engagement with The Big Draw LA, presented by Rebecca Tuyman, Education Manager, Ryman Arts
  • Components of Student Internship Programs that Create Lasting Impact, presented by Kai Flores-Emnace, Education Coordinator, MOCA

As well as a presentation on Teacher-Driven Professional Development:

  • How Can Teachers Create and Drive Their Own Professional Development?, presented by Jeanne Hoel, Associate Director of Education, MOCA and Antoinette Pippin, 5th Grade Teacher, Alexander Science Center (LAUSD)

The galleries were open before the event, and an interesting exhibit featuring works from the permanent collection also provided inspiration. Thanks, MOCA, for your unwavering dedication to supporting teachers and students in Los Angeles!


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