Art Club Creates Another Fabulous Homecoming Entry!


Another Cleveland High School Homecoming has entered the history books. This past Friday night was an exciting and fun-filled evening for the Art Club members who had been working long hours on their float and costumes and dance routine. Club President Erika led the team effort of over thirty students who each contributed to the trophy-winning entry. Club sponsor Mr. De Gracia stayed late for weeks supervising the creative kids, and Mr. Diebold kept them in pizzas and snacks. Ms. Neustaedter also helped with supervision, and Mrs. Mercer and Ms. Prato provided their classrooms for float construction and storage. Ms. McColl choreographed and coached the dancers, and Mr. Berkowitz came out for the actual float assembly. Alum Jesus came everyday to help design and mentor clubkidz as they diligently cut cardboard and painted and paper machéd and glittered their individual parts of the fantastic float. Other alums were there for the frantic final touches before the big parade, and we all celebrated this annual renewal of our Family Spirit! Go Art Club!!


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