Internships Change Lives


This has been an amazing summer for 30 AOAT students who have been working as interns for the past six weeks. The 2014 interns dedicated themselves to a learning experience that has certainly changed their perspectives about careers and the real world of work. They went through a lot of training during 11th grade last year, were interviewed by their potential host, and when “hired” attended weekly seminars, worked 20 hours a week, kept a reflection log, created a final project, and will be presenting that project at our Celebration and Expo.

This has been our 4th summer for internships and our most amazing yet. Our AOAT teachers came together to provide the seminars under the leadership of Bill Diebold, our 10th grade Team Leader, who was there for every Monday session and most of the site visits.

We are grateful to all the organizations and businesses who hosted our interns – you opened their eyes and changed their lives.