California Partnership Academy Regionals


As a Lighthouse program, AOAT is a host for the annual fall regional meeting for teams from CPAs in our area. This year’s event was attended by 15 educators and our Sacramento leaders, Jerry Winthrop and Colby Franklin. AOAT was also represented by an Advisory Board member and a parent.

This year’s AOAT Student Ambassadors welcomed and escorted the visitors to the buffet breakfast and presentation. This is a great opportunity for the juniors and seniors to practice their professional conversational skills and promote our program. Thanks, team!


The Future is Bright Day sparks student interest in the future, and brings speakers to campus to share their stories with AOAT students. This year’s dynamic presenters included Justine Limpus Parish, a fashion designer/educator, Iris Yirei Hu, a fine artist/MOCA educator, Kelley Pearce, a set decorator, Kayvan Mott, a creative director with his own design and marketing firm, and Kim Abeles, a fine artist who often does large installation projects with schools. Each had good advice for the teens, from finding your passion to not giving up, to being willing to work harder than everyone else. Students asked questions and came up to chat with the guests one-on-one afterwards. Many students asked about internships for summer.

Thank-you letters are another requirement in the professional world, and every AOAT student wrote a business-style letter to one speaker. They also thanked Larry Oviatt, our Advisory Board member who heads up Career Day.

Student Ambassadors welcomed the speakers to campus and escorted them to the MPR. This group of leadership students is gaining experience and confidence through interacting with AOAT guests.

Student Ambassadors


When we host an event at Cleveland Charter, AOAT Student Ambassadors step up to welcome and guide guests in any way they can. They assisted with the California Partnership Academies regional meeting recently, as well as the Getty Kick Off event. And they will be polishing up their best hospitality in a couple weeks for the annual Career Day. This year five professionals from various arts-related fields will talk to students about their own journeys from student days to fulfilling careers. If you are in the Valley on February 6 between 10:30 and 12:30, stop by for some inspiration!