What a Team!


Being a member of this team has been a great joy and privilege – and as I retire to enjoy travel and creative pursuits, I will miss the daily interactions we shared. The AOAT has been my “home at school” for 12 years, and I’ll continue to support the Academy “family” whenever they need a chaperone or anything else.

Thanks, students, for the amazing send-off party, and especially for all your talent in designing the “Mrs. Mercer icon” for backdrop and t-shirt, and the retire-card-bloghand-lettered card. You’ve got skills, and I look forward to following your progress as you also move onto the next stages of your lives. Always remember the camaraderie of being part of a group who cares about you, and come back to inspire the next wave of graduates. retire-gifts


Art Club Rocks the Parade


Fall means floats, and Art Club created another winning entry in the Homecoming competition. Theme this year was amusement park rides, and the Club’s Alice in Wonderland designs were terrific, from painted backgrounds and props to colorful costumes. Enthusiasm builds over the two weeks of long hours required to build such a masterpiece, and teachers provide support and a cheering section for these talented students. Go Art Club!!

English class illustrated…

Final project for Mr. Berkowitz’s Senior Literature class: Create a work of art based on something we read or watched this year. Here are a few favorites: Bluest Eye, The Things They Carried, Being There…can you name the rest? berko.englishartWhat talented students!!!

Teachers Appreciated


Art Club made these stellar shirts for all the AOAT teachers, with funny cartoons for each of us on the back! They silk screened them and gifted us at the year-end lunch: THANKS, Art Clubbers!! Nice graphic design 🙂

Nutrition Unit Informs and Inspires Great Design


This capstone project follows an extensive unit learning about nutrition and the food industry in America. Seniors can choose to work solo or with one partner to design packaging for a healthy food item. The assignment is introduced by designer Todd Gallopo, owner of boutique design company Meat and Potatoes, who talks with the students about the marketing and design process for packaging, his speciality. The culmination is a competition among the student designers – judged by Todd – for top honors in several categories. Congratulations everyone – this year’s packages were creative, amusing, attractive, in other words: successful!

Chalk Festival 2016


This year’s Chalk Festival had a fun theme: “Who’s Your Hero?” Students were free to interpret that phrase in their own way, and the results ranged from Batman and Wonder Woman to actual “heroes” such as Bernie Sanders and Malala! All students are welcome to enter their designs and this year about 130 students participated, creating solo squares or working in teams of up to three. AOAT takes the lead in organizing the event, with help from Ms. Seubert in the Media program as well as the school security staff. A good time was had by all!

Creative Projects Engage Students


Academic teachers as well as the art teachers of AOAT incorporate project based lessons into their curricula in order to engage and imbed the learning for students. From student-designed Romantic t-shirts for the poetry unit in 11th grade, to the creation of mechanical hounds from Fahrenheit 451, art enlivens and stimulates the imagination in all grade levels. Making is a key part of learning!